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WWE Backlash France 2024 results, grades and analysis: Cody Rhodes defeats A.J. Styles in first title defense



WWE Backlash France 2024 results, grades and analysis: Cody Rhodes defeats A.J. Styles in first title defense

A.J. Types was first to enter for the primary occasion match, drawing yet one more combined response from the Lyon crowd. Types is such a proficient performer throughout the board that it will be exhausting for him to ever draw important warmth from followers, even when working heel like he was throughout this match.

Cody Rhodes, like he has been for greater than two years now, was welcomed by your entire enviornment singing his entrance music, “Kingdom.” If it wasn’t clear already, between WrestleMania 40 and now this entrance, Rhodes is by far the most important star WWE has on its roster. Even after the music stopped, the bought out Lyon crowd continued to sing.

The gang was so amped up earlier than the match that as Samantha Irvin made her introductions, the exhausting cam shook. Jessika Carr, the referee, grew to become the primary lady to officiate a foremost occasion match for the WWE championship.

The match began with a couple of lockups between Rhodes and Types, with neither gaining an early higher hand, as a substitute choosing buying and selling headlocks and takedowns. Types escalated the tensions with a shove of Rhodes close to the turnbuckle, which the champion answered with a tough slap of his personal.

After a formidable dropkick, Rhodes did a cartwheel and taunted Types, a callback to his days as Stardust. Types turned the tides once more with a giant dropkick of his personal, however was hit with an enormous back-body drop. Rhodes went for a pin, however Types kicked out at one.

Rhodes shook off his failed pinning try right into a standing suplex. Whereas Rhodes had momentum, Types pulled off a fast counter and centered on Rhodes’ shoulder, which Cole and Graves hinted that the champion injured in a match with Carmelo Hayes final month.

Types was despatched exterior the ring and Rhodes tried to capitalize with a dive by the ropes however was met with a forearm. Types’ assault continued as he slammed Rhodes’ head into the U.S. announce desk after which cleared out the French announce desk, in search of a high-impact maneuver. Rhodes countered, sending Types into the metal steps.

As Rhodes went for a standing Superplex, Types escaped and pulled Rhodes down the mat. Rhodes bought a again harm and Types instantly swept in to hit an Electrical Chair on Rhodes. As Types went for a springboard moonsault, Rhodes received his knees up for a desperation counter.

As the 2 males exchanged blows, Rhodes ultimately gained an edge with a scoop powerslam and Catastrophe Kick on Types. Rhodes went for an additional pin however Types kicked out at two.

In a frenzied second, Rhodes went for a second Catastrophe Kick, Types countered into an Electrical Chair after which Rhodes reversed it right into a roll-up pin for a close to fall. This was adopted by extra back-and-forth offense between the 2 males, culminating in Types touchdown a Brainbuster on Rhodes onto the ring apron and Rhodes placing Types by the French announce desk with a Powerbomb.

Each males beat the 10-count again into the ring and went toe-to-toe once more, exchanging blows and knocking one another out with a pair of simultaneous kicks. The 2 ran it again earlier than Rhodes scored a near-fall after a Bionic Elbow.

Types regained management with a counter of the Catastrophe Kick and a snap suplex into the turnbuckle and set Rhodes up for a springboard 450 splash. Types went for the pin however Rhodes kicked out, irritating the challenger. Types would comply with up with a Burning Hammer and pin, however Rhodes kicked out at one and rallied for a Cody Cutter and one other near-fall, drawing “combat perpetually” chants from the enthralled crowd.

Rhodes went for a CrossRhodes however Types countered right into a Pele Kick and set the champion up for a Phenomenal Forearm. Types’ finisher try was met with a Rhodes Superkick and a Kimora Lock. Types ultimately powered out and went for a number of Types Conflict finishers earlier than Rhodes would hit an enormous Cody Cutter off the highest rope.

That ending sequence arrange the end, a CrossRhodes and pin for a victory in Rhodes’ first televised title protection.

Cody Rhodes def. A.J. Types in 27:21 to retain the WWE Undisputed Championship.

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