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Who Won The MICHELIN Guide Washington, D.C. 2023 Young Chef Award?

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Chef Ryan Ratino Of Jont | Washington, D.c.

Ryan Ratino, the talented chef behind the Two Star restaurant Jônt, has been awarded the 2023 MICHELIN Guide Washington, D.C. 2023 Young Chef Award, presented by Rémy Martin. Ratino’s culinary journey was inspired by his early fascination with cooking, nurtured by watching shows like “Emeril” and attempting to recreate dishes from them. His culinary aspirations eventually led him to become the renowned chef and owner of Two Star Jônt and One Star Bresca.

While Bresca’s menu features a blend of casual and contemporary American dishes, Jônt offers a progressive tasting experience that highlights simple, luxurious ingredients with a touch of Japanese influence. Ratino’s culinary philosophy centers on minimalist, flavor-driven cooking, emphasizing the use of top-quality ingredients to allow their natural brilliance to shine.

Chef Ryan Ratino Of Jont | Washington, D.c.
Chef ryan ratino

Ratino’s evolution as a chef has seen him transition from an inclination to showcase a multitude of techniques and ideas on a single plate to a more refined and simplified approach. His motivation in the kitchen is fueled by team building, cultivating a positive kitchen culture, the quality of ingredients, guest satisfaction, and the creation of culinary “magic.”

In terms of Washington, D.C.’s food scene, Ratino views it as an emerging hub with the potential to become a global gastronomic dining destination. He appreciates the diverse blend of chefs in the city, each striving to express their unique culinary identities through their creations.

While his day begins with a green smoothie and vitamins, Ratino has recently embraced cooking at home more frequently, often preparing weekend meals for himself and his fiancé, Diana. As for food-related influences, Ratino draws inspiration from a variety of cookbooks, particularly those blending French technique with Japanese philosophy, which resonates with his cooking style. When it comes to shows, he occasionally enjoys watching Iron Chef and primarily focuses on podcasts that offer insights into leadership, building kitchen culture, and financial responsibility as a business owner.

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